Down payment and credit restrictions apply. The fixed annual percentage rate of 4.95% APR applies to new loans of $5,000.00 or more. This promotion is limited to loans for the purchase of cars, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, and other titled vehicles. The maximum number of months financed for a particular year model are as follows: New(2012-2011)models 60 months; Current model year (used) and one year old (2012-2011), 54 months; two years old (2010) models, 48 months; three years old (2009), 42 months; and four years old (2008), 36 months.  Year models older 2008 are not eligible for this promotion. To qualify for the advertised rate you must have five qualifying First National Bank of Fort Smith services, one of which must be auto debit(*see list below for Qualifying Services). The promotion offer only applies to new First National Bank of Fort Smith consumer loans, for the permitted purposes and does not apply to renewal or refinance of present loans. *Promotion Qualifying Services include: Loans; Auto Debit; Checking Account; Savings Account; Debit Card; Online Banking with eStatements; Certificate of Deposit; or Safe Deposit Box.

For further details please contact The First National Bank Loan Department.